These photos represent just a few of my favorite projects. From Dining room tables, kitchen islands and cabinets to book shelves, entertainment centers and more, I tackle it al!





Remember wood shop? It’s that class boys used to take in Junior High.

Except when Justin enrolled in shop a few decades ago, it sparked something. No video games for this guy. Saws and planers, lathes and routers -- these captured his imagination and held it.


A stint as a stay-at-home dad rekindled his passion. Today, Justin’s hobby is a full-time business in Tacoma, with clients across the Pacific Northwest calling on him for custom projects large and small, new and reclaimed.


Need a custom bookcase or unique wine storage unit? Call Justin. Trying to replace broken and tired built-ins to match the design of your craftsman home? Justin will sweat and fuss over your project until it’s perfect.


And if you present him a challenge he’s not quite sure how to tackle, no worries. Paddle boarding on the Thea Foss, hiking in Plain, WA with his family or competing in a local running event will take his mind off work just long enough to figure out even the most intricate wood working challenges.



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